Automation for energy brokers.

Scale your business without ramping up headcount. Close deals faster, make customers sticky, minimise mistakes and reduce your overheads.

Run Your Own (RYO) is a first-of-a-kind B2B SaaS energy brokerage platform that enables brokers to procure, manage and monitor their customer’s energy utility contract lifecycle from tender to renewal.

How is Run Your Own different?

The RYO platform was built by brokers, for brokers. We’ve used that knowledge to deliver a dramatic productivity boost to brokers, enabling them to prepare and submit more tenders, reduce mistakes, respond to customers faster. We go beyond procurement with value added features such as bill validation, customer & retailer reporting and contract renewal.

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Your spreadsheets are works of art, but they’re just that: work. Wouldn’t it be nice to collaborate effortlessly, without worrying about versioning and backups, while minimising the risk of manual errors? 

Key tender details all in one place

No more hunting through folders, emails and chat for critical tender documents, contracts and data. It’s all right there at your fingertips ready for you and your team to collaborate.

Re-run tenders in minutes, not hours

Spend minutes, not hours re-pricing and re-tendering cases. Make checking and re-checking for potential errors is a thing of the past.  Take back the time to polish your presenting your results, not working on them. 

AI-powered bill data extraction and validation

Maintain the relationship, add value beyond the sale and unlock the valuable insights with bill data extraction and validation that actually works. 

Branded customer access portal

Cut time spent handling routine inquiries and engage customers. Invite them to your branded Customer Access Portal where they can access detailed information and reports across their sites.

Network tariffs & data feeds

Dramatically reduce data entry and need for manual imports with our automated network tariff updates and data feeds support from industry standard providers.

Learn more about our broker-focused approach. Book a demo we’ll share with you how Run Your Own will bring your business into the 21st century.

“RYO surpassed our expectations and revolutionised our business practices. The real-time analysis of tender results is incredibly valuable in improving our efficiency.”

“Run Your Own provides 4 Square Energy with a quantum leap in capability. It allows us to manage significantly more clients with a much lower cost base.”

“Analysing tender results and model data sets in real time is invaluable for our confidence and overall efficiency. Managing our national portfolios has never been easier!”